OWNICE TS9 C960 Portrait OEM Model [Teslar OL-9031] Original firmaware needed.


Hạ sĩ
Would you help me to obtain original firmware of C960 (4G Ram + 64G Rom 2din unit, OL-9031)?

I finally come to know that Redmod Custome rom is not compatible with my tesla TS9 C960.

but the Seller chinese has no way to send those files for now.

So Would U handy and smart friends help me to get Tesla style C960 firmwares?

I am in grief situation no way to rotate my screen back to nomal.

thanx for reading.

I remember original version was dated as "2020. 08."
Saludos para alguien k se consuela tengo ownice k6 High c960 Tesla y se me invertio el touch y es bien difícil manejarlo así